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Straight From The Hive

Orange Blossom Honey Candy

In order to make this recipe perfect I use only the freshest ingredients including raw unpasteurized honey straight from local Colorado hives. The key to good, quality products starts with the ingredients.

The flavorings I combine with the honey come from all over the world. French Orange Water. Lavender, Chamomile and Rosemary from privately owned micro-farms. Rose Water from the Middle East. Wasabi from local Asian markets and more.

I am passionate about supporting small business and micro-farmers and using the farm-to-table method with all of my recipes. This is what ensures the quality, organic and gluten free product I have created.

#HoneyComb #ColoradoRawHoney #RawHoney #Organic #ChefDaveKnight #KiltedChef #ChefKnight

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